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Phillip Bornträger

Phillip, son of Klaus, was in the Witzenhausen records as a councilman as early as 1560 and became Mayor in 1591.  He is said to have married into a wealthy family and his father-in-law gifted this house on the town square around the time of his marriage.

This 1906 postcard shows Witzenhausen City Hall on the left and the house is the third from the right in the background.  It is restored and was last used as a restaurant but is now (2013) vacant.  It is featured in the Tourist Brochure as the "rotes Haus" because the half-timbers have been painted red.

Like most houses of that era the first floor was used as a barn for the animals at night and entry to the house was gained only by a rope ladder thrown from the second story.

Kaspar, son of Phillip, graduated in 1589 from the University of Marburg, the first Protestant university, and then became Mayor for a number of terms.