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Johann Casper Bornträger

Johann Casper was a 5th generation Bornträger and was born ca 1681 in Witzenhausen.  He moved to Treysa, Province of Hesse in 1708 and where he married Anna Maria Antebringer, a local girl.  His occupation was listed as 'soldier'.  Johann Martin, the Immigrant of 1767, was his 4th child to be born here and there were more to follow.  Johann Casper died here in 1751.

What is now called the Stadtkirche was built on the former grounds of the Dominican Abbey after the Reformation.It has served several Protestant congregations but was the Lutheran parochial church when Johann Martin was baptized here on September 12, 1723.  The church has been remodeled numerous times, but the steeple has always remained intact.






The Catholic church started life as St Maria.  At the time Johann Casper was living here it had already been abandoned and assumed the title Totenkirche (Church of the Dead).  It was used occasionally for marriage ceremonies and as a burial ground.