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Andrew was born ca. 1752 in Kirschbacherhof, Duchy of Zweibrücken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and emigrated with his family when he was about 14 years old.  The original Martin Borntraeger book states "They later came to Somerset Co. PA.   The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted Andrew a warrant...on Jan 17, 1785.  Sometime later they disposed of their milling business and it is said that Andrew went to Virginia.  We know nothing more of him or his descendants if there are any."

I now believe that Andrew had three siblings  and that they were orphaned shortly after arriving in America.  Andrew married in Lancaster City in 1774 before he moved to Menallen Township (then in Lancaster Co, but now in Adams Co west of the Susquehanna River) where he lived for several years before moving to Bedford (now Somerset Co) where his 4 children were born.  More than 3000 descendants have been identified.  He then moved to Botetourt Co, VA. where the children all married.











Of The Family Of

Andrew Borntrager

(ca 1752-1798

Son of Johann Martin Bornträger

The Immigrant of 1767


by Herbert J. Hostetler



     A revision of this book is now available.  It contains many new pictures, many of them in color.  It presents proof of a fourth child, born in 1751.  It examines the evidence that the children were orphaned shortly after their arrival in America.  It speculates about their "redemptioners" and documents their movements during the "lost years" from their arrival in 1767 until the land warrant in 1785 for the "grist mill" in Somerset Co, PA.  It follows Andrew to Botetourt Co, VA.

     Andrew's two daughters married two brothers in the Pefley family and their genealogy has been documented elsewhere.

     This book, for the first time, also "finds" the descendants of Andrew's two sons and documents the genealogy and migrations of this family and contains an every name index.

     It also revisits Immigrant Martin Bornträger's ancestors in Germany.

     Anyone who has purchased the first edition is entitled to a free copy of this edition for $3 postage.  If you do not have the edition the cost is $12+3 postage.  E-mail me at the address below.














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This map, drawn by Harmon Husband ca 1783 settled, for me, the conflicting stories about the ownership of the mill in Somerset County.




 Map showing the land held by Andrew Borntrager in Somerset Co and the close proximity of the Hostetler clan.






The original land title for the mill property, on animal skin, issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is now located in the Meyer's House in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.  This is the site of the Maple Festival held each spring.









                                                                                        This model of the Botetourt County Court House is all that remains

                                                                                           of the place. where Andrew Bontrager's Will was probated in 1798.




     In 1770 Botetourt Co extended to the Mississippi River